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Help Build a Stronger EMS System Throughout Missouri

Hemphill and Associates lobby for MAA with a prime location in Jefferson City

MAA board has regulatory legal counsel with Frank Foster, Esq.

Network with other Service Managers, Board Members, Billing Staff, etc.

Have a voice representing you in EMS concerns before Senate and House Sub-Committees

Annual EMS Day at the Capital

Representation on State Advisory Council (SAC) & Regional Sub-Committees reporting to SAC

Discounts to MAA Conferences & Training


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Active Membership

Dues structure based on # of ambulance
transports per year:

  • 0-3000 - $500
  • 3001-7500 - $800
  • 7501-10,000 - $1,100
  • 10,001 and above - $1,400

Download our membership brochure here.

Commercial Member

Commercial Membership Fee: $800

(Includes admission to 4 meetings with lunch for 2 people)

Associate Member

Associate Membership Fee: $50



Section 1 – Classes of Membership. The membership of this Association shall consist of (4) classes: Active, Associate, Commercial and Honorary.

Section 2: - Active Member. Any political subdivision, person, partnership, corporation or association engaged in the business of providing ambulance transportation as a function of the organization and meeting the standards prescribed by the Board of Directors shall be eligible for Active Membership. Each Active Member shall designate a single primary representative and an alternate representative. The primary representative (or, in the absence of the primary representative, the alternate representative) shall retain the sole authority and privilege of the member for the purposes of voting on official business of the Association. The designated primary and alternate representatives shall be persons who are owners, board members, executive or managerial officers of the Active Member represented. An ambulance service is defined as any ambulance, district, person, partnership, or association, operating one or more ambulance as a function of the organization. An active member of the Association who becomes ineligible for Active Membership shall automatically become an Associate member.

Section 3 – Associate Member. Any political subdivision person, firm or association involved in the provision of emergency medical services, but not involved in operating one or more ground ambulance as a function, is eligible for Associate Membership. Any political subdivision, person, firm or association, previously eligible for Active Membership, who has become ineligible to continue as an Active Member shall automatically become an Associate Members, except that Associate Members shall not have the right to vote or to hold office.

Section 4 – Commercial Member. A Commercial Member of the Association shall be any person, partnership, corporation or association, manufacturing, renting, selling equipment or providing services used by professional ambulance services providers. Commercial Members shall not be entitled or hold office or vote.

Section 5 – Honorary Member.  Honorary Membership can be conferred by the Board of Directors on persons who have rendered distinguished service to the science and art of ambulance service, and whose names have been recommended to the Board of Directors. Honorary Members shall not be entitled to hold office or vote and shall be exempt form the payment of dues.

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