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  • Certified Chief Administrator Training-Evening Session!-Registration limited

Certified Chief Administrator Training-Evening Session!-Registration limited

  • 10/05/2022
  • 7:00 PM
  • 12/21/2022
  • 8:00 PM
  • Virtual
  • 18


  • Fee is for the entire 12 session program
  • Fee is for the entire 12 session program

Missouri Ambulance Association

University of Missouri Columbia

Certified Chief Administrator Training


October 5th-December 21st 

12-one hour sessions every Wednesday

7:00 PM-8:00PM 

This is for the evening session only!

Cost- MAA Members $150

Non-Members $200 for 12 session program

Please have your FEMA SID available during registration. If you do not have a FEMA SID you can obtain one at no cost at

Leading operations of an ambulance service or a fire department can be challenging, but the administration of an ambulance or fire protection district can be even more challenging.

If you are the Chief Administrator of an ambulance or fire protection district, the Certified Chief Administrator Training Course is just what you need to manage all aspects of your district. As a leader of emergency services within Missouri, this course will advance your level of knowledge and professionalism.

During this virtually delivered course over lunch or after dinner on Wednesdays for 12 weeks, the following topics will be covered in-depth with time for discussion and answers to your specific questions:

Property taxes, sales taxes, and service fees
Bond issues
Budgeting and setting tax rates
Calling for elections and candidate filing
Ballot certification
Declaration of elections and reorganization of the Board
Personal finance disclosure
Donations to districts and fundraising by districts
District investments

Changing district boundaries (expansion, shared services, and consolidations)

Impacts of tax increment financing and employment enhancement zones

Initiative referendums and recalling directors

Effective leadership team of the Chief and the board

Benefit programs for district personnel

Governance of EMS and ambulance service

    Target Audience: Primarily Fire Protection District Chiefs and Ambulance District Chiefs/Administrators and secondarily Directors (board members) of fire protection and ambulance districts and district/office/business managers, secretaries, treasurers, attorneys, auditors, etc. of fire protection and ambulance districts.

    Purpose: Helps fulfill the mission of advancing the level of knowledge and professionalism for leaders of emergency services within Missouri. The classes are meant to be a companion to MAA and MO Chiefs’ conferences, workshops, etc., potentially allowing for greater MAA and MO Chiefs membership participation beyond just attending conferences, workshops, etc. In fact, the intent will be to promote MAA and MO Chiefs’ conferences, workshops, etc. during the classes.

    Prerequisite: Participants must have already attended the University of Missouri’s (MU’s) Certified Fire and Ambulance District Board Member Training because that course contains the foundational information on which the topics of Certified Chief Administrator Training is based.


    #01-10/05 Property Taxes

    #02-10/12 Budgeting and Setting Tax Rates

    #03-10/19 Sales Taxes, Fees, and Bond Issues

    #04-10/27 (THURSDAY) Effective Leadership Team

    #05-11/02 Call for Election, Candidate Filing, and Ballot Certification

    #06-11/09 Initiative Referendums, Recalling Directors, and Benefit Programs

    #07-11/16 Changing District Boundaries including the impact of economic development

    #08-11/23 Donations to Districts and Fundraising by Districts and Personal Financial Disclosure

    #09-11/30 Building construction

    #10-12/07 Governance of Emergency Medical and Ambulance Services

    #11-12/14 Insurance Service Office’s Public Protection Classification Rating

    #12-12/21 Declaration of Elections and Reorganization of the Board

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