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About Us


The Missouri Ambulance Association, (MAA) exists to serve Missouri Emergency Medical Services. MAA consists of a diversified, yet unified, group of providers including: ambulance districts; private owners; hospital based; air ambulance, and fire districts. We have commercial memberships who wholly support MAA to include, insurance companies, medical supplies, billing services, and ambulance manufacturers. We currently have 125 medical providers and 12 commercial vendors whom are members of MAA.

MAA provides a needed resource for networking. Our members openly and freely discuss improvements and effectively dealing with issues in EMS.

MAA is active in EMS legislation. Brent Hemphill and Associates is our lobbyist. Frank Foster, Esq. is the organization’s legal professional. These two professionals have proven to be invaluable.


Additional Ambulance Service Funding
FRA: MAA was instrumental in instituting the reimbursement method which should bring in an estimated 10 million dollars for our industry.
Medicare Reimbursement: MAA has remained very active in lobbying to retain current levels of Medicare reimbursement.


MAA is the lead association in developing the Just Culture for EMS product and the first to partner with a Patient Safety Organization in an effort to quantify and mitigate error rates and risks to crews and patients. 
MAA also led the way for required Ambulance Board Member training, which became part of EMS regulations. 

Download our association information here.

  • LEADERSHIP: We will dedicate our efforts to always building this association with strong, well informed and capable leaders.
  • EDUCATION: We will offer opportunities for enhancement and growth of agencies and providers at all levels in and outside of our association.
  • ACTIVISM: We will promote education and avenues for the involvement of all agencies within their legislative bodies.
  • DEVELOPMENT: We will provide opportunities for leaders within our member agencies to gain knowledge and resources to advance their agencies.
  • EMPOWERMENT: We will strive to build the confidence and self-determination of our agencies to serve with knowledge and integrity within their communities.
  • REPRESENTATION: We will serve as a strong voice within our state legislation to better the laws and regulations of our industry.
  • SAFETY: We will promote safety and best practices of our industry at all times.
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